Get No Better - Lylics

Get No Better
 / Clear Soul Forces

Chickity check it bought the soul back to the home team
Motown why can't you see my team is supreme, Diana

Welcome to the solar system of the Forces
You, running in a circle we just chewing on your orbit

Forfeit fork it over - Heimlich maneuver
Me and my niggas will make the cut like you Ryu Hayabusa
Future, brighter do whatever you could imagine
Imagine the forces with you, running the web like arachnids
Tarantulas eight-legged gargantuous animals
Causing maximum damage wit my tongue and an animal

While we be focused on a salary, lettuce to bring the croutons
I'm trying to have a dollar bill salad right on Obama's lawn
Let you be the pawn wit' my niggas playing hooky
While my paper double triple, like Lebron as a rookie

I'm feeling better than, better than, better than the veterans
I use the booth as my pulpit, I'm a reverend, chuuch
On the road where you could find us
Not gassed up, the shit is 4 bucks so we avoid pumps
We serving rappers like they ordered it
Till we post on blogs, post up and loitering

The story ends where ours begins now flip the page
In the park shooting jumpers while others was flipping yay
No Cartiers, couple of J's and reading comics
Could have labeled my a nerd but slaying bitches in the closet
Awesome, left the city early they forget him, nah
I come from 2 worlds but the city know I got em
Went from smelling crack smoke at that busted house at our neighbors
To rarely seeing black folk, the only niggas turning in papers

Cause it's a new era, no American apparel
No lucifer in my levels, eradicating these devils
From out of my air space, take a hit, (see space)
Take a listen did I mention we the new freebase? (get laced)
Spin around (listen nigga) look straight
This is lyrical hypnosis, toting this 45
It's sagging cause of the holster, world's weight up on my shoulders
That's about as big as boulders

They dropping like roller coasters
You bagging up at they Kroger, trying to meet a fucking quota
Give it up my nigga its over, get it knocking like Jehovah
Who colder my shit is cryogenic, I'm authentic clinic
Who wit me come get it wit me and make sure all these niggas is finished

Yes sir lets get into it, it's only right I get it in
Your gal mind opened up like she took the pill from Limitless
Taught to reach for the stars when we was little kids
Now it's smoke clouds cause the sky is what the limit is

Now let it (Thump x8)
In the (Trunk x8)
Show the world we riders and won't take it
Just light it up (say what) man fuck a hater
It don't get no better, no better (x4)
Than this

Heavy mentally, the mic I am dismembering
I spit it for my niggas, we kill it with verbal symmetry
You'll just be a memory, with the pen I'm a blessing
Trying to steal my secret cookbook, call that shit Inception
My conception was immaculate so this is wrapped in Reynolds
Know you mad cause they listen and you can't afford a rental
Face is sour as a

And bread the only thing that's on the menu
The blind lead the blind, open up your windows
Take a breath of fresh air that we can give you

In this game we just some niggas trying to blow, we on Nintendo

Parental advisory, advising me is simple
Just get me a 100 miles away from an instrumental
My influential flows get a mama out her pantyhose
Grandiose spit it 'til cameo is a cameo
I hope you fight well, ain't going nowhere
I'm Shawn Michaels, turn it up and sweet chin music your head

Go head, we got this rap shit down to a mad science
The biochemist, everything I write hard, hieroglyphics
Welcome to the round table where we plot on all our challengers
King Arthur of the art which is written with Excalibur
Jet lag mixed with hiatus
Gamma Phi Beta, was born with an ultimatum:
Write and become the greatest or become a statistic
Listed with averages and tables, proving the illustration

The picture they paint us we animals, lock us in cages
No zoos just a concrete jungle, we fucking made it

For my team I'll be a martyr
This shit is hard body nigga, Tony Stark armor